Whole House

You love the neighborhood, but your home no longer meets all your family’s needs

Whole House can mean a brand new custom home, or changing several rooms covering a large portion of your home. Some things to consider:

  • Will you live in your home during construction, or move out?
  • Does it make sense to do your project in stages, or all at once?
  • How will you make decisions about colors, finishes, and fixtures?
  • What is the purpose of changing your home? What would you like the home to incorporate that you don’t have now?
  • If your project involves an addition, how will the new area fit with your existing house to look like it’s always been there?
  • Do you want to maintain your home’s historical integrity through your remodel, or change the style completely?
  • Are there materials you would like to reuse?

Combine your family room with your kitchen by knocking out a wall or update your master bedroom and bathroom while adding a space. We’ll help you discover your home’s hidden potential and transform it in to the home you’ve always wanted.

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